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Al McClimens

Al McClimens began writing poems in the 1960s. For younger readers this was the decade of which it was said, ‘If you can remember the sixties then you weren’t really there’. But cut the kid some slack, he was still at primary school. And it was a long, long time ago. Later his first poetry gig was as support act to Liz Lochhead. Whatever happened to her? Since then other, equally well-known names have been reminded of his place on the bill and asked, ‘Who?’

Undaunted he persevered and dabbled with the Sheffield stand-up poetry scene and the odd slam event before some desperate small mags and online outlets published his work. With this vindication he aspired to the status of dilettante but honestly, it was too much effort. Today he is better known as a time-waster, drain on the economy and wannabe sonneteer. Think John Keats crossed with Don Paterson and you’re not even close. But read The Other Infidelities and judge for yourself.






Al McClimens





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