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John Biggam

John Biggam was brought up in the housing schemes of Glasgow. Greedy for education, he grasped at anything going: BA, PGCE, MPhil, PhD. In parallel, he’s worked in a fish market, tarmacked roads, been a clerical assistant, a school teacher, a college tutor, and finally a university lecturer. All things considered, John preferred working with fish.

From scribbling notes to excuse himself from PE due to ‘the unpredictability of Hungarian Lip’, he progressed to writing two academic books for university students: one on how to succeed with your master’s dissertation (now in its fifth edition) and one on how to write a university essay.

Now retired and with time to observe and reflect, and calmly take in the streets of Glasgow without the polis erroneously chasing him through muddy back gardens for letting down tyres, John writes poetry. The Day Brad Pitt Bought My House For Nothing is it.





John Biggam




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